Who is Amelia

Who is Amelia?

I was born in La Rioja and a few months later, my grandfather dipped a drop of wine on my pacifier and everyone laughed at how I enjoyed the taste. Surely that way I woke up to life.

I studied History and Geography, which has allowed me to better listen to what the old stones and the landscapes of my region tell me. My love for culture and museums led me to study a master’s degree in Museology, Archives and Libraries, when I finished my bachelor’s thesis.

Fate put music in my life when I married the tenor Miguel Olano, also from La Rioja. For 12 years we internalized the values and customs of Italian culture in Tuscany, despite their schedules and the speed with which Italians drink their coffees.

I thank Italy for having taught me its know-how, its good wines and its concept of beauty. In Florence I was a cultural guide for the acquaintances of my Italian friends and I worked as a guide in the Cathedral of Florence.

At that time we traveled all over the world (San Francisco, Washington, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo…). He was in charge of public relations and travel. I took the opportunity to get to know the main Museums in the world and learn the stories and ideas of the great creators and managers of art and music. We decided to return to La Rioja, because we decided to found a family, while my husband continued his career.

When my children became independent, I started my own business, based on everything I had lived and learned. Being a tourist guide specialized in private visits has always attracted me, because there is a part of my personality that wants to be with people and show the culture of the land where I was born.

I thank my grandfather for sowing in me the seeds of the good life of La Rioja and to Italy for modeling my taste and sensitivity, by living la dolce vita.


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  • LinkedIn Profile: Amelí Rioja Tours
  • Book written by Amelia Pereira “Nájera and its area of influence. Aspects of Human Geography”
  • Teacher in Oniversity. The online university for over 55s, San Sebastian
  • Italian cooking courses in: Fundación Ibercaja, Universidad Popular de La Rioja, Cuadrilla de Rioja Alavesa.

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