Pamplona Bullrun 2020

· 15 enero, 2020 · 8:39 am

July the 7th through the 14th, 2020, 8am sharp. 6 bulls and 4 oxen are released on the cobbled streets of the old town of Pamplona. 825 metres along Calle de Santo Domingo, Plaza Consistorial, Calle Mercaderes, Calle Estafeta, Telefónica and finally the Plaza de Toros, the Arena. Bulls that are set free from their corral run. And they run faster than any of the 3,000 humans who want to be close to them, in their daily adrenaline overdose. Some people think it’s a good idea to just stand on the street to have a look and get some thrills, like “if I’m not running I’m safe”. It’s not exactly like that. There are simply too many people in the streets, and the bulls get even less predictable than usual. Then the crowd itself: most injuries in the Run in Pamplona are due to piling up, to being trampled by other humans. The only way to watch in safety, if not on TV, is from a balcony. There are no other positions, no grandstands or reserved seats along the track otherwise.

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