• Your customized & private tour
    to live a luxurious day
    and enjoy the good life
    in the Riojan way

Breathe the aroma of Rioja,
feel the texture of the scrolls of its monasteries,
relish the encounter with our culture and
you will have a story to tell with each drink

Rioja Alavesa

Transport yourself back in time to the medieval town of Laguardia, experience a feeling of contact with the ancestors at the Dolmen de La Hechicera and take in the sights of the Rioja Alavesa vineyard

Rioja Alta

Conquer the castles of Cuzcurrita and Sajazarra, take the pilgrimage to Nájera and Santo Domingo, learn the origin of Spanish in San Millán de la Cogolla and the history of the fine wines of Haro with Amelí Rioja Tours


Stroll through another Logroño, the Puerta del Revellín, the church of Santiago and the famous Laurel street, and discover the old stories and traditions of witches and Inquisitors

Live at your own pace and forget about the schedule. Customize your day with Amelí Rioja private tours to enjoy an ancient culture that goes beyond wine and gastronomy encompassing art, landscape and history.

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "We had such a wonderful time in Logroño with Amelia & her wonderful husband, Miguel. They’re love for sharing their knowledge and culture exudes in every moment with them. So kind, informative, and welcoming. I will absolutely seek their guidance for their other tours as well as tell friends they must tour with Amelia".

    - Pamela Vittini
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "The Rioja Alavesa tour organized by our guide Amelie was exactly what we expected to discover La Rioja for the 1st time.
    Not only visit vineyards, cellar and have wine testing, but also geographical as well as historical explanation given by Amelie during the tour, including visit a wonderful middle age like village. I recommend to contact her if you want discover La Rioja with a very knowledgeable local guide like Amelie is!!".

    - Daniel Lapp
  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    "Yesterday I had a magnificent experience: my first taste of the richness and beauty of the history and countryside of La Rioja (Spain). Guided by Amelia Pereira Alvarez who has her own boutique tour firm, I learned of La Rioja’s ancient history, geography and wine. Our first stop was the outstanding #Bodega202, for our own private wine tasting, tour and exchange of impressions. Our next stop was a visit to a Bronze Age burial site (Dolman) in the middle of the prettiest countryside imaginable. Stops at Ysios to ogle at the Calatrava designed winery, as well as the magical medieval walled city of LaGuardia (of which she is the official guide of) completed an all too short sample of the richness of the region. La Rioja is about wine, but sensory wise, it’s so much more. Was blown away...".

    - Anna Tonna
Calado privado

You will remember in each glass of wine all the flavor of art, the beauty of the landscape, the character of the people of Rioja and the traditions linked to our history and culture.


Live private experiences as Riojans live when they seek extraordinary wine tastings, charming wineries, unique vintages, in a relaxed atmosphere.


At your own pace, live a day without interruptions, organized for your well-being and comfort, in a safe, accessible and healthy environment.


Stimulate your senses with the typical Riojan flavors, from local producers. Amelí Rioja Tours advises you according to your tastes and special needs.

Cooking class

Learn and listen some of the beloved quotations that are not in the books. Feel free to ask what interests you the most.

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